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Barite (Baryte, BaSO4, Natural Barium Sulfate)

The aggregate production line is one of our finished product categories produced on the enrichment facilities for primarily to the construction industry.

Barium Sulfate provides important properties

  • In the production of mortar and paste to increase mechanical and chemical resistance decreasing resin costs.
  • In the production of heavy concrete due to its high density. In concrete applications, Barite produces a lower heat of hydration compared to a standard mixture, increasing compressive strength.
  • In the construction of X-ray rooms as it provides concrete production and radiation blocking.
  • In the Gastrointestinal system as its high density and the ability to prevent x-ray penetration.
  • In Atom reactors due to its ability to block neutrons.
  • Strengthening the blocks used for anchoring ships in ports and reducing noise when used in metal frames and glass assembly.
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Product Groups
Particle Size
(Min. - Max.) 
Spesific Gravity
0 - 54,00 - 4,10

5 - 204,00 - 4,10
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